Cocktails for Trails 2022

Thursday, September 15

Let’s celebrate 25 years of Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park!

This event is sold out!

250 tickets are available (including sponsors!), and this event sells out!

The owners of the Elkridge Furnace Inn, Chef Dan Wecker and Donna Wecker. Cocktails for Trails is made possible by their generous donation to Patapsco Valley State Park. Click on the above photo for more information about EFI!

People of the Valley!
PVSP Rock Stars Everywhere!
The Elkridge Furnace Inn is an incredible venue!
The Prez!

Rathskeller in the house!
Theresa is a player in the live auction!
Jen and Britt
Joe V. and the Cleavers!

Delegate Feldmark scores a limited edition bag!

Hey Donald!
Joe H. from REI auctions the kayak!

Green screen photos by Rick’s Event Photography

Rep Your Trails!
Biceps everywhere!
Smokey approves!
Sunset in the valley
Mr. and Ms. Calderone
No helmets, no sunglasses!

Chef Wecker getting it done at Cocktails!