The Patapsco Traverse

The big loop that highlights some of the park’s best trails!

Patapsco Valley State Park has over 200 miles of natural surface trails – the Patapsco Traverse travels over some the of the park’s best trails!

While many people have covered lots of miles of PVSP’s trail system, and a handful of people have explored almost all of the park – much of the connectivity and some of the best (and uncrowded) sections of the park remain to be discovered. Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park and our partners have led thousands of hours of volunteer work (and raised the funds) that build and connect our vast, multi-user trail system. The Patapsco Traverse is an opportunity to follow this semi-curated route of the parks best trails!

The full pull of PVSP! Click on the above map for the the RWGPS route.
Click on the above image for Patapsco Traverse on OpenStreetMap (not an official map). Special thanks to Mr. Plack for helping produce the most current maps of the park!

Use of any map of the trail system at PVSP is your responsibility!

Important Notes about the Patapsco Traverse:

•. PVSP is a park of many neighbors! Please be aware of where you are and remain on public land. PVSP’s trail users are known for their excellent trail etiquette – thank you for your contribution to our community of respect for the trails and trail users! Click here for the most current unofficial map of PVSP.

• Parking is very limited along the Traverse – and most of the roads that are along (and sometimes in) the park are NOT park property. When staging cars, or parking near the trail, please do not park on private land or in illegal parking areas. Use the trails when they are less crowded. Be a good neighbor and a good steward of our trail system. (Cars are routinely ticketed and/or towed for parking on private property, and in “no parking” areas – be aware!)

Be prepared – PVSP is home to a rugged, challenging trail system. Cell phone service is generally good in the park, but sections of the Traverse do have intermittent service. Plan ahead and always ride, run or walk within your trail knowledge and abilities.

• Our volunteers have put thousands of hours into creating and maintaining our sustainable, multi-user trail system. Please do not damage our trails by using them in wet or muddy conditions – if you are leaving tracks, or if you are in doubt – please give our trails more time to dry! Thank you!

“Running, hiking, or riding a full lap of PVSP has a little bit of everything!  Bridge crossings, steep climbs, technical descents, single track, double track… The trails are well maintained with improved trails being developed in partnership with Friends every year.  There are literally over 200 miles of trail in the park-get out there and explore!”

Pat Blair, Endurance Athlete, Co-Founder Adventures for the Cure

The trail system at PVSP is maintained by volunteers! If you love our shared trail system, click the heart show us how!