Scales and Tales

Thank you BGE/Exelon for your support! Friends created this new backdrop for the Maryland Park Service’s popular Scales & Tales Program. Not only does this make an attractive display, it provides a physical barrier behind the animals making them more comfortable during programs!

From the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Website:

Many people consider it a tremendous thrill to catch a glimpse of a mysterious owl as it flies across a dark country road at night, or to see a majestic hawk soaring high in the sky on a bright clear day. Fewer people have seen these creatures from merely a few feet away.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources provides this opportunity to Marylanders every day. Scales & Tales, an environmental education program of the Maryland Park Service, affords people the opportunity to see live wildlife, mostly native to Maryland, up close and personal. This informati​ve and entertaining program uses live non-releasable birds of prey and reptiles to promote stewardship of our wildlife and other natural resources. Through the stories, or “tales” of how these animals come into the care of the program, Scales & Tales naturalists discuss very important environmental issues, such as loss of habitat, environmental pollution, resource management and biodiversity.

Scales & Tales presents these educational messages to the people of Maryland on a regular basis. Through formal program presentations at parks, schools, community centers, senior centers, and other similar facilities, as well as wildlife displays at numerous fairs and festivals, Scales & Tales reaches hundreds of thousands of people every year.

photo by Bonnie Ott