Gray’s Mill Trail

Natural surface connectivity

between the Ellicott City and Catonsville areas of PVSP

This new, almost two mile connection features sweeping contour trails, punchy climbs and great views of the river valley.

Ellicott City has long been the gap in the connectivity of the PVSP trail system. Many trail users consider “Patapsco” to be the trails downriver from Ilchester Road, while the majority of the trail system in PVSP is north of Ellicott City! The planned OEC Connector coupled with Gray’s Mill Trail, makes the natural surface connection through OEC much more doable.

While this trail had been an unmaintained social trail for many years, it saw an exponential increase in use after the catastrophic floods of 2018 closed River Road. Friends worked with park management to survey the trail, review the alignment, obtain approvals, make sustainable improvements and ultimately open it as an official trail.

The new kiosk and bike fix-it station are installed at the Gray’s Mill Trail! Funding for the new kiosks, bike fix-it stations, and trail markers has been provided by the Recreational Trail Program.

“As River Road and the area around the Simkins Mill site continue to evolve as a park destination, this natural surface connection will be a wonderful resource for our community.  Friends and their relationship with the park is bringing incredible opportunities for healthy outdoor recreation to every park user.”

John Strychula, Owner Cycle Mill Bike Shop & PVSP Supporter

Gray’s Mill Trail, which has been in existence for years as an unmaintained social trail, experienced increased use after the catastrophic floods of 2018 closed River Road. The trail is named for the historic Gray’s Mill, which is near the upriver terminus of the trail. Friends worked with the Maryland Park Service to survey this trail and obtain official approval to improve the trail and add new sustainable sections. This trail is still under construction but is routinely hiked and ridden.


The Gray’s Mill Trail is adjacent to private property, please remain on the trail. The meadows and access road associated with the horse farm are not open for public use.

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