The Rockhaven Area trail system is undergoing substantial reboot! We are realigning the Rockhaven Trail, making a sustainable connection to the Mill Race trail, and rebuilding the trail that was known socially as “Roxy”. The “New Rocks Trail” will be the most technically challenging trail in the park, taking advantage of the natural terrain in the Rockhaven Area!

Please note: The Rockhaven Trail is a through trail. There is no official parking associated with this trail, always be aware of your location on the trail and do not enter private property – thank you!

We are making great progress to mark the trails system in the Rockhaven area of the park! The Rockhaven trail system is adjacent to several areas of private property. Please stay on state park trails – when in doubt, turn around!
The Rockhaven Trail will be rerouted to make a new, sustainable connection to the top of the Rockhaven trail system. (this alignment is schematic)
We build technical trails!

Attention: theft of trail markers in the Rockhaven area has occurred. Please report suspicious activity to the Natural Resources Police at: 410-260-8888

Click here for information about the Rockhaven trail system

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