Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park

2020 was a record-setting year! With almost three million visitors, PVSP is one of the most loved parks in America!  Despite cancellations of almost all of our events due to the Covid19 Pandemic, the Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park accomplished a fantastic amount of work in 2020.

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We kept it cranking with projects such as the Mobile Visitors Center, the OEC Connector Trail, the Dogwood Trail, New trailhead kiosks, trail marking, and bike fix-it stations throughout the park. We strengthened our partnerships with our diverse user groups and nonprofit community and started new relationships to begin to address the huge increase of visitors at the park.

What do you love about Patapsco Valley State Park? 

Is it a swim in the river, or rock climbing, or an adventure on the park’s 200+ miles of trails, or a hike with your family on the Grist Mill Trail, or a visit to the Bloede Dam Site, or a 16-mile paddle to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, or a family reunion, or a day of fishing in a secluded spot, or building trail, or planting trees, or watching birds, or riding your horse, or… the opportunities are as diverse as our users.

Whatever you love about the park, we need your support!

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Now more than ever we need your support, and new this year – interested in donating stock to Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park?  Contact us at

PVSP! – All Users, All Valley, All Good!

The Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park Ltd. (FPVSP), a 501c3 organization, supports the park by promoting stewardship through programming, sustainable recreation, and the preservation and restoration of its natural resources.

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Mobile Visitors Center

Thanks to a generous grant through the Maryland Heritage Area program we are proud to announce the Mobile Visitors Center!
¡Gracias a una generosa subvención a través del programa Maryland Heritage Area, estamos orgullosos de anunciar el Mobile Visitantes Center!

Awesome mountain biker photo provided by Korey Hopkins! Thanks Korey!
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Incredible photo of a heron soaring above the river by Geoffrey S. Baker! Thank you Geoffrey – your photos of the Patapsco Valley are fantastic!
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Photo of installation by

The Mobile Visitors Center (MVC) is nearing completion! We are so excited to get the show on the road!

Wow! The Mobile Visitor Center is so cool!
PVSP Park Manager Rob Dyke with the keys to the Mobile Visitors Center!
Off Grid Adventure Vans is a top notch upfitter! The interior of the MVC is dialed in!
The MVC will be a critical piece of Friends’ mission to reach diverse communities.
Test driving the almost ready MPC!

The Mobile Visitors Center is supported by:

In 2021 Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park and the Maryland Park Service will launch a sprinter van that will travel throughout the park (and beyond) and function as mobile visitors center. The MVC will be staffed by Spanish speaking park rangers and be full of bilingual activities. We looking forward to supporting our diverse stewardship community!
En 2021, Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park y Maryland Park Service lanzarán una camioneta velocista que viajará por todo el parque (y más allá) y funcionará como centro de visitantes móvil. El MVC contará con guardaparques de habla hispana y estará lleno de actividades bilingües. ¡Esperamos poder apoyar a nuestra diversa comunidad de mayordomía!

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Contact us and be a part of the MVC!

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