The Dogwood Trail

These armored sections are key to building sustainable trail.

Over 150 people donated to build this sweet section of trail!!  Millions of people visit PVSP and thanks to generosity of dedicated park users we raised $11,215 via our public ask, just shy of 10k via sponsorships and Board of Directors support, and almost another 5k through the PTAP Virtual Stage Race .  Not only did we meet our match, but we were able to build two new bridges that make tough stream crossings so much better…

It took a while to finish this trail – our trail builder, Greenstone Trailcraft, had mechanical issues with the mini-excavator and due to COVID related supply chain challenges, we couldn’t get the machinery repaired. Alas, the mini-ex was fixed, the machine built sections are now done, the bridges are in and the Maryland Park Service Trail Crew is completing finishing work.

Not only is the trail super nice, but it also eliminates the dangerous Hollofield Road on-road section of the thru trail on the Baltimore County side of the river. It’s never been easier (or safer) to connect Pickall to Alberton Road, the Daniels area, and beyond!

The Dogwood Trail eliminates the dangerous on road section that is currently used to connect the Pickall and Daniels areas on the Baltimore County side of the Patapsco River!

Chunky goodness on the Dogwood Trail!
Great flow at the entrance to the Dogwood Trail near Pavilion 701.
Our trail builder to maintained the backcountry feel and natural terrain of the Pickall Area.

The Pickall Area of the park has become a destination for trail users at PVSP. With the new trails reaching the pavilion areas from the Pickall Trail (Festivus, Bestivus, etc.) more trail users make Pickall the hub of their hike, run, or ride.

Pickall’s location in the middle of the park, and it’s large pavilions and ample event-specific parking makes it an ideal place to stage trail events – it was the home of the legendary Patapsco 100 and now hosts Patapsco Trail Fest (virtual in 2020). Also in the progress is a new loop that will serve to host NICA races and be headquarters for practices and training rides for MICL, (our local NICA chapter) and the enormous amount of student-athletes that call PVSP home!

The Dogwood Trail is a connector trail, there is no parking dedicated to this trail section.

The Dogwood Trail promises to be a favorite with park visitors. It is a beautiful trail section that eliminates the dangerous road that most trail users now use to connect the Pickall and Alberton areas. We want every park visitor to have a great outdoor experiences – the Dogwood Trail is a critical link.

The opportunities that the Friends of Patapsco Valley State Park create mean that when we bring our league together for events within PVSP, we can point our families in nearly any direction to continue their exploration of the park. There are many lessons of history, stewardship, and the environment that can be learned across communities that are well connected.

Jonathan Posner 
Co-Founder and Co-LeagueDirector
Maryland Interscholastic Cycling League

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